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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
3:18 PM


Please read the post dated 6th of june 2007.

Thank you, and relink.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007
8:25 PM

I've since moved on.
Ask me where I've moved to, and I might tell. :]

2:26 PM

Oh, I just created a new skin. & I think it's niceeeeeeeee. Facing some html problems, in which I hope will be solved soooooooooon. Damn, maybe I should move. Bwahaha, goodbye, earthlings!

I'm an alien, invading earth. Now, who was tricked into thinking I'm actually human? ;]

11:21 AM

I have thought about it, I shall just stay here, because moving away would be too much of a fuss. Like moving house, you have to move your furniture here and there right? Yeap, too much trouble. Shall stay here, where all the past memories are - good or bad. :]

Some times I wish you had more time for me, but I'll understand, that your life doesn't revolve around me and you have other things to do. Some times I wish you were a little less reluctant, to meet my friends/cousins, but I'll understand that it's just one of the little things you can't do for me. I'll do my best to keep out negative thoughts, to cherish you, to hold you above all the other things. On the way, I'll learn tolerance, patience, how to cherish, how to keep believing in things I believe in no matter what people say & how to love. These past two months, you've shown me things I never thought was possible, you brought me to greater heights. Thank you.

Third month soon. :D

JAN&MING, JIA YOU! Have faith in your love and believe in yourselves and each other. You'll pull through for sure, ask yourselves how you managed to hold on for those past 11 months, and you'll find the strength to go on. 1 year isn't an easy feat, don't give up!
Jan, I'll be here for you!

Monday, May 28, 2007
7:43 PM

Today is a happaye day :D

Morning woke up to a house full of screams and shouts -.- zzz, cousins came over then plus grandma around, chaos! So ended up playing cake mania instead. BWAHAHAHAHHA, I'M TEH PRO YO! LOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I wanna go over to your place! Then we'll spend the whole day playing cake mania. HAH. :D

Then lemon darling came online. Was supposed to go to the library to study, but then he's at the lan shop with his friendsssss, so I got ready, then took 130 to thomson to look for him. Eh, I realised that actually I'm not lu chi! I got very good direction sense, because I walk walk walk, and I actually found the place even though someone gave me wrong instruction as to where to go.

:D Watched them play for a while, then we went to take bus, supposedly to library, but then took 855 to vivocity instead. HEEEEEEEEEE. LONG BUS RIDE! :D Rocks okaaaaaaaaaay. Someone kept saying train, when he meant bus. HAH! Very retarded laaaaaa. xP

We walked around vivo aimlessly, then we saw a lot of cuuuuuuuuute puppies at pet safari! I'm gonna get a dog, and he's gonna get a cat next time when we have our own place. :D Then our cat and dog will live in harmony, or else my dog's gonna pwn his cat. HAHAHAHAHA! ;D

No photos today, because it's just walking around and talking. :] Yaye, so happaye! Then took 145 back to toa payoh, then we saw this.. old man and woman, then I think they're having an affair or something la, because they are not those lovingloving kind, it's like more of lust kind of thinggggg. So yeap!

Super eeeew okay! Public place, that woman had to talk so super loudly and attract attention, and she had to lean over towards that man. I mean, old already.. please don't do that in public la. Want to do, also don't speak so loud riiiiiight. Then that man leaned over to kiss her and all. 0.0

Everyone on the bus was looking at them with the irritated look on their face la. x/ Long bus ride from vivo to toa payoh, boyfriend sent me there, then went back. Heeeeeee, kiss on the right eye. :] Never aim properly. ;P

Then saw michelle while waiting for the bus, then this malay boy came and cut the queue and stood right in front of me, and copied my every move. Very irritated la, then michelle kept laughing and laughing. Stewpit, then I started laughing also. So it's like the whole time, two of us were laughing like mad and everyove kept throwing glances at us.

Then we got on the bus, that boy sat behind me, then kept talking a lot of nonsense, then he actually knew my name! But then I don't remember him at all leh.. =/ He sort of like entertained us throughout the whole journey till I alighted la. We kept laughing like cowssssss. MICHELLE, YOUR FAULT!

Before alighting, wished michelle good luck because that guy might just follow her home. Bwahahaha, cos she kept saying, "yi ding gen ni hui jia de". But then he didn't, so.. MUAHAHAHAHA. FOLLOW MICHELLE HOME LA BOYYYYYYY. xD

Okay, shall end my post here. :]
I love lemonnnnn!

Replies to tags.
junwen ; :D thanksthanks, jun!
jan ; haha, bananas rockssssssss! smells wonderful yo!
loo ; loo, i love you laaaaaaaa. :D bestbest!
shuying ; haha, thanks for tagging :]
amanda ; thank you. i'll try. :]
lemon/yfdarling/boyfriend ; :D smilesmile for you. heeeeeeeee.
pris ; haha, yeap! shall link you up when i have the time too. :]
jan ; aye, hope so la. but relationship kinda thing is easier to sort out i think..
shermin&cheryl ; i wish things didn't get so bad, but it did.. i don't want it to end like that too, but i guess it's a little too late now..

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